How do i get a DJ / Content Creator Profile

At the top-right corner select your profile then you will see "Become a Content Creator" or go to

How do i report copyright infringement on Virgo Music

Copyright Law in South Africa is governed by the Copyright Act of 1978 and its amendments. CIPC and DTI oversee copyright in the country. Go to for more information.

Can i sell or make money on Virgo Music

Yes, but in a form of Virgo Points. You earn Virgo Points which is a virtual currency that you can use to upgrade your profile to pro package here -, to get more space and features. See more information about Virgo Points and how to earn them here -

Also, as a content creator you can sell advertising space on your streams to any publisher / potential client similar to YouTube where you have Pre and Post Ads on videos and you earn 100% provided those streams do not infringe copyrights. You can accept Banner or Audio ads on your stream pages, see more information at

How do i download Streams

You need to sign-in in order to download streams on condition that the content creator has enabled the "Download" stream option.

How do i upload streams

By default when you sign-up as a DJ or Podcaster your profile is limited to 1GB upload size.

If you are a DJ or Podcaster looking for more space, your profile needs to be upgraded to Pro get more space and more features.

How to get verified

To get verified apply at the top-right corner where it shows your name.

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