Virgo Music

Points System

(1 Point = 0.10 ZAR)


You can earn points and transfer them to your wallet by doing the activities below.

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-10 Points on listening to a song.
2.5 Points by posting a comment.
10 Points by uploading a song.
5 Points by replying to a comment.
1 Points by liking a track.
-2.5 Points on disliking a stream.
0.5 Points on liking a comment.
25 Points on creating new playlist.
2.5 Points on re-posting a stream.
-50 Points on downloading a stream.
1 Points on liking a blog's comment.
-2.5 Points on disliking a comment.
-5 Points on disliking a blog's comment.
-50 Points by importing a song.
25 Points by updating your profile picture.
50 Points on purchasing a track.
100 Points by purchasing a PRO package.
2.5 Points by reviewing a track.
-25 Points on reporting a stream.
-25 Points on reporting a comment.
2.5 Points on adding a stream to a playlist.
50 Points on updating your profile cover.

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